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St. Charles, IL

The Parent Booster Organization for the St. Charles North High School Music Program.

Fitting Days FAQ


Band Camp: 
8/10/15 to 8/13/15,  6:30 - 9:30 p.m.
8/19/15 - 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

Concert Wear Fittings for Choir & Orchestra: 
8/11/15 to 8/13/15, 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.
8/19/15,  6:00 - 7:30 p.m.


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1. Can I be there when my child is being fitted?

Sure – For Marching Band Students - please come and volunteer during fitting days and you will be there when your child is fitted, we need approximately 30 - 35 volunteers per night to measure and fit all of the kids and can always use more help.

For Orchestra and Choir Students – You can come in with your child for concert wear fittings on August 11-13 and if needed, August 19th.

2. How do I pay?  How do we know what to pay?

You can pay by check or cash. You may need more than one check if you are purchasing different items.

  • If purchasing gently used items (concert wear, hats, and shoes) the check (or cash) will be made out to Friends of Music (FOM).
  • If purchasing New Concert Wear, Jacket, Hat, Shoes, gloves, the check (or cash) is made out to St Charles North High School (SCN).    
  • If you are purchasing Lyres – Cash only please.
  • If purchasing Spirit Wear – a separate check (or cash) made out to Friends of Music (FOM).

In the event your child does not have a check during fitting days, we will send home a receipt showing the amount due and what items were purchased. The student can bring the check into fitting days the next evening, or no later than 8/21/2016. Please make sure to ask your child for the receipt. No concert wear will be ordered or distributed without being paid for up front.


3. Where can I purchase a Lyre and how much do they cost?

Lyres and extra pages are sold during fitting days and are approximately $10.00 each, extra pages are typically 2/1.00.


4. What do I do when my child’s concert wear no longer fits and I need to replace it?

We have a “gently used” exchange option for parents of kids’ who need replacement concert wear. If we have the correct “gently used” replacement size for the student, then we offer a free exchange program and will take your “gently used” item in good, clean condition in exchange for the correct size item on a first come first serve bases. This is only if we have the correct size available. If we do not have the correct “gently used” size available, you can still donate your used items and you would need to purchase a new item through the Concert Wear Chairperson at the regular price.


5. What do I do with my old concert wear when my student graduates?

Please consider donating your gently used concert wear back to Friends of Music, we can send a tax deduction form for the donation. (We cannot guarantee that this donation will be accepted as a tax exempt item please check with your accountant.)


6. Is there a fee for marching band uniforms?  

There is no fee for using the marching band uniforms. However, if a student should damage their uniform or hat, they would be expected to pay the replacement cost of the item, so please encourage your student to treat as if it were their own! Replacement costs for the uniform is approximately $400.00.


7. Are the marching band uniforms rented or purchased?

The marching band uniforms are owned by the St Charles North High School Music department and the only time they leave the school is during school events like football games or parades.


8. Do students use the same marching band uniform every year and return them when marching band is finished?

The marching band uniforms are assigned during fitting days and the student will use the same uniform for the entire season.  The uniforms do not leave school or go home with the students. Students are responsible for the condition of their uniform and there is no eating or drinking anything but water while they are in uniform. Friends of Music generously pays to have all the uniforms cleaned at the end of the season in preparation for the next year. At no time should any uniforms leave school with a student even if they need to be cleaned.


9. Who is responsible for alterations on the concert wear?

The students are responsible for all alterations on their concert wear. 


10. What does my student need for concert wear?

Band, Orchestra and Choir students are required to wear school authorized concert wear. The girls will need to purchase a black gown and the boys will need to purchase a tux jacket, tux shirt, tux pants, button covers and bow tie. All items need to be purchased during fitting days. 

Jazz Band Students have their own requirements and their director will advise on the first day of school.


11. When is the Music Department Fitting Days?

Typically fitting days are the week before school starts and the night school starts.


12. When can you purchase spirit wear?

Spirit wear is sold during fitting days, on the website, before football games and at designated events throughout the year. 


13. How do we get our child’s concert wear?

All purchased concert wear will be distributed during set concert wear pickup days in late September or early October. Official dates and times TBA.  For more information please check and we will update you on pickup information.


14. Does my student need gloves?



15. Is food provided for the kids during marching band camp?

Food is donated for the volunteers only. The students need to have eaten prior to band camp.


16. How can I help?

  • You can help out during fitting nights.
  • You can help distribute concert wear.
  • You can donate food or water for the volunteers who many are coming straight from work and will not have a chance to eat dinner.
  • You can help prepare the marching band for the football games.
  • You can help distribute water to the marching band students during half time at the football games.
  • You can help prepare the marching band for parades.
  • You can donate to Friends of Music.


17. Can my child wear makeup during games?

We ask that all students wear light or no makeup and absolutely NO FACE PAINT when wearing the marching band uniforms.


18. Are there any special requirements for marching band students?

Long hair needs to be in a ponytail and up in the band hat.  All students need to wear gloves (except percussion), marching band shoes and knee high black socks are required.


19. What is the attire for parades?

Electric Lights Parade – Black dress pants (No Jeans or Spandex!), black socks, marching band shoes and the SCN marching band raincoats (raincoats supplied by the school).

St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Memorial Day Parade – Jackets, music baseball cap, marching band bibs (supplied by the school), black socks and marching band shoes; this year the directors are changing our Parade attire.  All Students are now required to purchase a special jacket to wear for these parades. This jacket will need to be purchased by ALL Marching Band students grades Freshmen-Juniors. However, for this year ONLY and ONLY for the seniors, the school will purchase the required jackets with the option for the seniors to purchase and keep them. If these seniors choose to have the school purchase the jackets, then these seniors will need to check the jackets out and back in for the two parades.  Also new is the fact that the Marching Band bibs will be worn during these two parades. The directors are shooting for a more uniformed look, and I think this will be perfect!