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St. Charles, IL

The Parent Booster Organization for the St. Charles North High School Music Program.

NYV Jazz Festival

The Seventh Annual New York Voices Jazz Festival
March 18, 2017
St. Charles North High School, St. Charles, Illinois

The New York Voices Jazz Festival and is hailed as one of the premier vocal jazz experiences in the country. Each year 12 outstanding college and high school ensembles are invited to perform and receive a clinic from a member of the New York Voices. The event concludes with an evening concert by the Voices with an opening set from the St. Charles North Vocal Jazz Workshop. 

Festival Philosophy and Format

The New York Voices Jazz Festival at St. Charles North is a non-competitive invitational event open to high school and college vocal jazz groups from around the nation. A total of six high schools and six colleges will perform a 20 minute set for members of the New York Voices to be followed by a separate 30 minute clinic with one member. The participation fee is $475 (due in September, 2016).

Participating groups will serve as audience for one another. Evening concert by New York Voices (discounted tickets for groups) followed by NYV "meet and greet" in the foyer. Be sure to bring your cameras!

Goals of the festival:

  1. For students to encourage and support each other in the pursuit of the vocal jazz idiom.
  2. To receive expert input from the members of New York Voices.
  3. To have the opportunity to experience New York Voices live in concert.

Who should apply

Being that this event is designed around New York Voices, the festival naturally seeks groups who aspire to their style. Having said that, your ensemble does not need to be "one on a part" nor even SATB for that matter. Your group is not required to sing NYV charts. But just so everyone understands what you are applying for, the NYV Jazz Festival is not the place for larger groups (of more than 24 voices), nor a festival for choreography or other show choir elements (there are many great festivals for those types of groups). As a teacher, if you appreciate the sound and style of New York Voices and have a group of 24 or fewer, you should apply.

The "setup" is concert format, utilizing the same monitors, mains, and sound engineer utilized by New York Voices. We will have excellent equipment available for your combo. All the details of your technical needs will be planned between acceptance and the festival. The clinic room is also fully set up for sound and combo.

What are participants saying?

"You did a terrific job organizing this event. The level of clinicians were world class. The sound equipment was fantastic (as well as your professional sound technician Bryan Farina.) Everything was timed perfectly and the event ran on time."

"The critiques on the sheets as well as in person were extremely helpful and the fact that we could improve on the spot in the clinic (because you provided sound and rhythm section equipment) really excited my students. You were quick to answer any questions and check in was organized and efficient. We also appreciated the discount tickets for NYV in the evening. It was well worth the price. It was also a great recruitment opportunity for our college. What a wonderful day of sharing great music. We will return as often as we can"

-Susan Moninger, Elmhurst College

"The New York Voices/St. Charles North Vocal Jazz Festival was a GREAT experience for my students. From getting to work with Peter Eldridge (of NYV) all the way to the professionalism of our guide for the day, the experience was right up there with what I demand and expect from a festival experience. The quality of the high school and college groups, in addition to the phenomenal performance of St. Charles North's own top ensemble, were conversation starters and eye-openers for my students."

"Mike Molloy and Brian Wis made sure that the entire experience was well-planned, thorough, enjoyable, and educational on so many levels. I would highly recommend that anyone who wants to improve not just the sound of the vocal jazz ensemble at their school but also the experience of being in a vocal jazz ensemble should attend this festival!"

-Jake Stouffer, HD Jacobs High School

Application Process

Applications will be reviewed and selected groups will be invited until all spaces are filled. An invitation is not confirmed until we are in receipt of your participation fee which is due in September.