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St. Charles, IL

The Parent Booster Organization for the St. Charles North High School Music Program.

Polar Notes

Polar Notes is the events blog for the St. Charles North High School Friends of Music.

Thank you to our Fitting Days Volunteers!

andy montgomery

A humungous THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped with Marching Band Fitting and Concert Wear Fitting Days. We truly are blessed to have such wonderful help and could not do this huge task without all of you. Thank you for taking time out of your evenings to help fit the kids in their marching band uniforms and concert wear for the 2014-2015 school year. (We apologize if you helped and your name is not on the list – please let me know so I can update my information!)

Alex Kaliski
Amy Peterkes
Amy Throw
Andrea Hunter
Andrea Lee
Andrew Hahn
Andy Rollins
Anna Kotvan
Annemarie Hocking
Beth Luna
Betsy Nelson
Bev Nesbit
Brenda Arvanites
Cait Flones
Caryn Kingseed
Cheryl Spinazze
Cindy Bravos
Cindy Suppes
Connie Schweitzer
Cristie Nutter
Dan Devine
Deb Anderson
Deb Snow
Debora Galchick
Dee Dee DeCosterd
Edna Dripps
Elizabeth & Mike Dublin
Erin Hall
Estela Pawlak
Gina Fleisher
Heather Stevenson
Jackie Kuizenga
Jean Hueslman
Jeanne Aguirre
Jennifer Purcell
Jennifer Ryan
Jessica Kling
Jill Zimmer
Joanne Walters
Jodi Fisher
Jo Druffel
Julie Ricketts


Karen Giacopelli
Kate Otto
Kathleen Williams
Kathy Ratliff
Kelli Prigge
Kendra Pingel
Kim Bradner
Kimberly Cannizzaro
Kirstie DePaul
Kris Hahn
Leslie Gustafson
Lisa Staheli
Liz Millett
Maria Gaido
Marisol Acevedo
Marybeth Whitehurst
Michelle Bancroft
Micki Baran
Mireille Gross-Page
Molly Bolz
Nicola Kramer
Patrice Washington
Patti Ellingson
Peter Mahlmann
Renee Hickerson
Renee Moberly
Renee Zange
Sheryl Climenhaga
Stacey Wasilvich
Tim Moberly
Tina Smith
Tracey Mohr
Tracy Tolmachoff
Wendy Witt
Christine Neville
Jennifer Raisanen
Christy Cordt
Jessica Fisher
Katie Hocking
Brian Arvanites