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St. Charles, IL

The Parent Booster Organization for the St. Charles North High School Music Program.

Polar Notes

Polar Notes is the events blog for the St. Charles North High School Friends of Music.

From the President - June 2015

andy montgomery

Andy Rollins

Andy Rollins

Hello to all St. Charles North music families, and welcome to this month’s issue of Polar Notes!


Congratulations to all the ensembles on their final concerts of the year! All were excellent. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

Used Concert Wear Donations
As in the past, we have a Used Concert Wear donation program at St. Charles North. This program provides assistance to students who, due to financial considerations, would not have been able to pursue their passion for music at SCN. If you have used concert wear you’d like to donate, please email Thanks!

A Very, Very Long List of Heartfelt Thank Yous

Thank you to the following for their help with parades and activities this Spring!

St. Patrick’s Parade

  • Christine Neville
  • Kelly Prigge
  • Stacey Wasilevich
  • Kim Devine
  • Dan Devine
  • Andy Hahn
  • Kris Hahn
  • Tim Moberly
  • Bev Nesbit
  • Cathy Schwanebeck

Memorial Day

  • Dan Devine
  • Kim Devine
  • Megan Devine
  • Patti Ellingson
  • Cait Flones
  • Deb Galchick
  • Celeste Marc
  • Bev Nesbit
  • Cathy Schwanebeck
  • Stacey Wasilevich

Senior Recognition

A special thank you to the folks who volunteered for Senior Recognition. They pinned flowers on the Seniors for their last concert, and helped send them off in style!

  • Kim Devine
  • Bev Nesbitt
  • Erin Hall
  • Julie Ricketts
  • Kristen Joyce
  • Cathy Schwanebeck

If there is anyone we missed, please know that we very much appreciate your support of the music students at North! Thank you!

Jazz Showcase Roundup

Thank you to everyone who came to Jazz Showcase, what a fantastic event! Great music, good food, and it was so nice to see so many people at the event.

Thank you to Jazz Lab, Vocal Jazz Lab, Jazz Showcase, and Vocal Jazz Showcase, as well as Mr. Molloy, Mr. Stombres, Mr. Wojciechowski, Mr. Wis, and Mr. Petrie for their preparation and a great performance!

Many thanks to the following people who volunteered at Jazz Showcase:

  • Marisol Acevedo
  • Nicole Cafillio
  • Kim Devine
  • Megan Devine
  • Cindy Drewes
  • Jo Druffel
  • Patti Ellingson
  • Ken Engstrom
  • Nada Engstrom
  • Sara Engstrom
  • Lou Farinella
  • Jodi Fisher
  • Cait Flones
  • Cassie Flones
  • Linda Ferguson
  • Leslie Gustafson
  • Sarah Gustafson
  • Ally Hahn
  • Andy Hahn
  • Liam Keighler
  • Elizabeth Kollins
  • Jessica Konstantopoulos
  • Nicola Kramer
  • Brenda Laehn
  • Ken Lawson
  • Peggy Lee
  • Kate Lesswing
  • Mark Lesswing
  • Christina Loos
  • Tim Moberly
  • Jenny Montgomery
  • Jean Moravek
  • Jennifer Nemetz
  • Bev Nesbit
  • Bill Nesbit
  • Sam Nesbit
  • Monica Noble-Lawson
  • Lorraine Nudd
  • Michael Nudd
  • Kira Nutter
  • Julie Ricketts
  • Karen Rivara
  • Connie Schweitzer
  • Cathy Schwanebeck
  • Aliza Siddiqui
  • Monica Srocki
  • Deb Steele
  • Pat Steele
  • Tricia Steele
  • Craig Taylor
  • Pam Taylor
  • Amy Throw
  • Carl True
  • Linda True
  • Linda Turner
  • Jennifer Vallejera
  • Hannah Ware
  • Patrice Washington
  • Ray Washington
  • Adam Zakin
  • Kara Zakin
  • *SCN Music Students who crafted the garden stones

 Special Mention Businesses who went above and beyond in service and donation

  • Dave Cotter – Taylor Street Pizza
  • Ken Lawson – jacmicdesigns

A very special THANK YOU! to Susannah Lesswing and Kris Hahn as the Co-Chairs for Jazz Showcase. They both put in hundreds of hours starting last Fall to organize the event! It would not have been as lovely or successful without their work.
Thank you again!

Friends of Music Board for 2015-2016:

Here is the Friends of Music Board for 2015-2016:

  • Cait Flones, President
  • Doug Hoeferle, Vice President
  • Cheryl Stutesman, Treasurer
  • Molly Bolz, Secretary
  • Adam Zakin, Communications Chair

Many thanks to Doug and Adam for volunteering for their positions. I’d like to take this time to publicly thank Andy Montgomery for all of his work the past 2 years as the Communications Chair; from creating and updating the website to setting up the ticketing for many events and making Polar Notes look so good, his work is very much appreciated!

Have a parent question about the music program from a parent perspective? We will do our best to help answer! Feel free to contact any of us with your comments, questions, and suggestions. Our email addresses are at

In Closing... 
I would just like to say thank you to all the families of music students at St. Charles North for your support of your student(s), as well as all music students! The music program at St. Charles North is something special in Illinois, and your volunteerism and support help to make it even better. I appreciate the opportunity to have been part of the Friends of Music Board for the past two years, and look forward to helping out in the future. See you in the Fall!

Andy Rollins